I signed up for fxphd today (finally). I’ll be randomly posting interesting things I make as a result of my new knowledge over the course of the next 12 weeks. I’m using these courses to dig deeper into motion graphics work (particularly because my college education in this area was totally abysmal and it’s difficult to just learn it on your own at a point). Here are the courses I’m doing:

AFX211 – After Effects Project – The Open
Project based class about building a show open like Top Chef. I took it to get deeper into the more advanced features of After Effects.

BKD219 – Background Fundamentals Jan 11
Required/included course. This term’s background fundamentals is about different workflows: Film, R3D, DSLR, Phantom, Arri, RAW…I’m really excited this is included because this is stuff that worries me that I am clueless about through little fault of my own.

C4D101 – Introduction to Cinema 4D
I’ve never had any experience with any 3D applications unless you count my junior year of high school when I spent a couple of weeks throwing together a horrible animation in Bryce 3D. I want to supplement my AE work with Cinema 4D, or the other way around.

SMK103 – Introduction to Smoke on Mac
I’m drawn to Smoke, but I will never really get the chance to learn it because it costs so much and not a lot of places in my market even have it. I think it’s something I could be very good at, and I want to give it a try.

If anyone reading this is in any of these classes for January 11, comment so we can be buddies.