You want to see my lil kinetic typography, don’t you?

Admittedly, I am a fairly huge nerd. Nothing to be ashamed about, really. But I am so nerdy that I decided one day to throw together another kinetic typography project. I like kinetic type, though it’s rather over-done nowadays and there’s an awful lot of crap out there. I don’t care. This isn’t for my reel. I wanted to do something somewhat fun in After Effects, and I wanted to use one of my favorite pieces of dialog from a recent episode of Doctor Who…because I love Doctor Who. In fact, I have a TARDIS on my shirt right now. That’s right, I have a shirt with a TARDIS on it. Anyway, I was kind of curious how quickly I could knock a project like this out compared to the last one I did in college (and the only other one I’ve done). The one in college, if I can remember correctly, took over 15 hours of intense painstaking labor. This one I just finished took maybe 3 hours of half-focused keyframing. The funny thing is that technically it took me over 6 months. I started it in late April, got busy, forgot about it, and then just found it on my drive and finished it up. Oops. Enjoy my nerdiness. You can see it in 720p on YouTube. I have it in 1080p on my computer for some reason.