The Difference Between Twitter and Facebook Status

In short, this is what I have determined the difference between Twitter and Facebook Status Feed is:

Facebook Status Feed: “Kylee Wall said blah blah blah.”

Twitter: “Blah blah blah said Kylee Wall.”

Facebook is directly linked to your full profile, among your friends, and the importance is placed on YOU saying something.

Twitter is linked to a small avatar and an ambiguous screenname and requires a click through to see a tiny snippet more. It places the importance on what is said, with who said it being an afterthought. This is why retweeting became a regular occurence, whereas on Facebook people rarely copy/paste witty statements their friends make. What their friends may have said belongs to them. Not to mention Facebook creates a thread so you can comment on how witty they were…

That’s how I see Facebook Status and Twitter differing.