Originally from the Midwest, I spent the better part of a decade as an editheadshot-kp-2016-full-2or in Indianapolis and Atlanta,
working on PBS shows, web series, independent features and even work-out videos for truck drivers. I branched out into post production technology in Los Angeles, applying my knowledge of a working editorial department to the technical and creative aspects of workflow design on shows like CBS’s Scorpion and Jane the Virgin on The CW.

I’m the president of the Blue Collar Post Collective, an accessible non-profit organization supporting emerging talent in post production. We put together free and frequent social events and educational opportunities for people who work in all areas of post production because we believe access is what will change the face of an expert in our industry.

I’m an associate editor for CreativeCOW.net, writing about industry news, interviewing notable film personalities, and covering important lifestyle topics. I am also an advocate for gender equality in post, having spoken on the topic on numerous podcasts, in classrooms, and at the National Association of Broadcasters conference in Las Vegas.

I discovered post production through storytelling at the age of 14, started working as a video production volunteer at 16, and I’ve been known to bring video into unexpected places…like turning a video in for English class in place of an essay. Having gotten my start in post at the same moment when Final Cut Pro was changing the accessibility of digital video for a home user, I learned the frustrating art of troubleshooting sync drift and codec incompatibilities at an early age.

I’ve inarguably taken an odd path into the industry, working the long way around to get to Hollywood. But along the way, I’ve gained an incalculable amount of knowledge from the experiences of having to be on my own to solve my own problems, whether they’re in a machine room or an office.

And for the educational vitals, I participated in the AFI Directing Workshop for Women (Script to Screen) at Barnard College in 2013, and hold degrees in video production and applied computer science from Indiana University and Purdue University.