This is why Twitter is awesome.

Especially for post-production professionals. Constant conversation, instant replies, and people who kind of actually care. I really think I’m a much better editor because I’m always on top of all changes and tips thanks to Twitter.

FXPHD Update

fxphd has been going well for me. Though, I have to admit that I’m about 2-3 weeks behind on each class. I really hope I’m not the only one, and I’m sure I’m not because there are far busier editors than I participating in it. I hope to catch up this weekend, though I have… Continue reading FXPHD Update

Golden Globe Predictions

I like award season, I can’t help it. It’s entertaining to me and I like to try to predict the winners. Here are my predictions for this year’s Golden Globes.

Black Swan

I saw Black Swan last Friday and as I expected, I enjoyed it immensely. I first heard about it earlier this year when it started making its way to various festivals (where it did very well), and being a huge fan of Aronofsky, I was intrigued. It opened in one theater in Indianapolis (I think),… Continue reading Black Swan

Favorite Films of 2010

End of the year means list time! Everybody loves lists. It seems like there weren’t that many films I went to see this year. Inception Toy Story 3 Scott Pilgrim vs. The World A Single Man The Social Network Films I plan on seeing soon: Black Swan The King’s Speech Winter’s Bone 127 Hours True… Continue reading Favorite Films of 2010

Film festival submission..

I submitted our 48 Hour Film Project film that we created in July/August to a film festival a couple of weeks ago. I actually wrote this the day I did it and scheduled WordPress to public it a little later in the day since I had just published another blog, but it apparently decided to… Continue reading Film festival submission..

I Don’t Care About Your Toothpaste.

There have been a lot of rumors and a decent amount of frenzy over an upcoming version of Final Cut Pro. It seems like for the past year, there have been periodical freak-outs relating to FCP that lead back around to the never-ending Premiere vs FCP vs Avid discussion/argument/brawl. I haven’t followed the various apps… Continue reading I Don’t Care About Your Toothpaste.

More photography

I never posted any photos I took at my sister’s graduation. I’ve been trying to do more with still photography and I think these turned out nicely as keepsakes for my parents. Here are two outside after the ceremony. First installment of my awesome blog series coming soon.

A different sort of inspirational quotes.

There are a lot of cheesy motivational inspirational quotes on posters in dentist offices or regular offices or school classrooms, but I tend to think they’re entirely lame. Here are some of my favorite inspirational quotes from random sources – smart people, regular people, books, television, movies, etc. They aren’t the kind of inspiration like… Continue reading A different sort of inspirational quotes.

Something that perturbs me..

I’ve learned a lot about the various formats, compressions, codecs, etc. that exist in the video world since graduation. I dedicate my “billable downtime” rendering or transcoding to learning more and reading up on white papers and forums. I’ve come to realize that my university education completely glossed over huge pieces of the post production… Continue reading Something that perturbs me..