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My Review of The Hobbit

I wrote a review on The Hobbit. You can read it on Creative COW. >>

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He Who Watches – More Reviews

He Who Watches, from Pants Cannon Media is another short that really impressed with its twisted tale. Directed by Kate Toomey and Kylee Wall, He Who Watches takes a fresh look at life and death, and really was rather good…. … Continue reading

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The Tree of Life

I saw Tree of Life this weekend. I’ve never really been a die-hard fan of Terrence Malick’s work particularly, but the beauty of the trailer paired with the buzz (both positive and negative) at Cannes intrigued me greatly. I don’t … Continue reading

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Avatar…well…this changes everything.

I got a chance to see James Cameron’s Avatar on Friday night in 3D. It was absolutely amazing. After letting it settle for a couple of days and reading other reactions, I have a few thoughts. The technology used in … Continue reading

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I don’t like "V".

You’ve probably seen advertising for the ABC show “V” this month. You might have even watched it. I noticed that a number of my friends are becoming “fans” of it on Facebook, tweeting about how much they’re enjoying it, or … Continue reading

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