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All about ME.

This month, I’ve had TWO sites interview me about being a video editor! If you can’t stop learning about me, here are two more places to read all about me. Frame of Reference with Editor Kylee Wall – Interview … Continue reading

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Editors Who Shoot – Thinking Ahead to Fix Your Own Post

I know there’s a lot of us out there. We prefer the dark, climate controlled edit cave and the soft, warm glow of a monitor. But then our world crashes down and we’re forced to actually go out into the … Continue reading

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He Who Watches – More Reviews

He Who Watches, from Pants Cannon Media is another short that really impressed with its twisted tale. Directed by Kate Toomey and Kylee Wall, He Who Watches takes a fresh look at life and death, and really was rather good…. … Continue reading

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Call for Round 3 of Editor Baking Exchange

Memorial Day is upon is, so I thought it’d be a great time to introduce round three of our editor baking exchange, lovingly referred to as #nomquerers (or sometimes #postnoms to save characters). We’ll celebrate the long weekend and official … Continue reading

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20 Beginner Tips for 48 Hour Film Project Survival

Since the 48 Hour Film Project is kicking off this month, I figured I’d update my tips and repost. So, you’re crazy enough to have signed up for the 48 Hour Film Project and now you’re Googling away, trying to … Continue reading

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Photo Session – Headshots

As I’ve posted before, I like to do still photography when I’m not editing. For some reason I don’t like videography much, but still photos are lots of fun. A couple of weeks ago, I did some head shots for … Continue reading

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Using YouTube Retention Data to Edit for the Web

Today, I was checking on some video analytics for a client’s YouTube account. I manage the postings for the account, and use the data to develop stronger videos as time goes on. YouTube recently redesigned their analytics dashboard (again), and … Continue reading

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Mercury Playback a Champion on Unsupported GPUs & First Thoughts on CS6

I upgraded to Adobe Master Collection CS6 yesterday and thought I’d share a few thoughts and tips I’ve gathered so far. And I’m aware of how cheesy this post’s title is, it’s ok. Eventually the Queen references will die, no … Continue reading

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