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Professional Resolutions – 2010

So earlier this year I made some resolutions for 2010, and I updated myself about halfway through the year. So how did I do for 2010 as a whole?

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Doctor Who Quote

A quote from 2010’s Doctor Who Christmas special, “A Christmas Carol”: “On every world, wherever people are, in the deepest part of the winter, at the exact mid-point, everybody stops and turns and hugs. As if to say, ‘Well done. … Continue reading

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It takes an army…

I’m going to be submitting our 48 hour film short to another short film fest called 3fest (trying to ride this one film we made out as long as possible obviously). The problem was it was about 5 minutes long … Continue reading

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Kind of viral?

I made a video for work that has by our standards, kind of gone “viral”. It’s difficult to make a video go viral in our industry just because of the nature of what we do – unless a truck is … Continue reading

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Job-chaining in Compressor

At my job, I commonly have to encode files for the web. Recently, I’ve added a new deliverable specification to each project I finish: three versions of the file for a streaming video library that will dynamically choose which version … Continue reading

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Informatics Magazine

Our 48 hour film project participation and win was apparently published in the fall edition of Informatics, our alma mater’s bi-yearly magazine. Too bad they didn’t publish the picture I emailed them too. Ah well. This magazine is mailed to … Continue reading

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Golden Globe Predictions

I like award season, I can’t help it. It’s entertaining to me and I like to try to predict the winners. Here are my predictions for this year’s Golden Globes.

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Black Swan

I saw Black Swan last Friday and as I expected, I enjoyed it immensely. I first heard about it earlier this year when it started making its way to various festivals (where it did very well), and being a huge … Continue reading

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Favorite Films of 2010

End of the year means list time! Everybody loves lists. It seems like there weren’t that many films I went to see this year. Inception Toy Story 3 Scott Pilgrim vs. The World A Single Man The Social Network Films … Continue reading

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