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My history of social media and internets..

If you haven’t heard, tomorrow – October 26 – Yahoo is finally shutting down GeoCities. This makes me so sad. My very first website ever was hosted on GeoCities. And thanks to’s wayback machine, I was able to find … Continue reading

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Self-promotion ahead.

A video I shot over the course of last fall/winter alongside my friends and associates Aaron and Katie and edited was chosen by Ben Stein to be a finalist in the YouTube Video Volunteers Spotlight: Animal Welfare contest. Out of … Continue reading

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love/hate for after effects

Before college, I had never used Adobe After Effects. The first time I opened it, my head exploded. I instantly hated it. My first project in AE was an animatic starring my mother, the lunch lady. It turned out pretty … Continue reading

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Little Video Timecapsules

When it comes to preserving memories, I’m usually more apt to grab a still camera than a video camera despite being in the video field. With a still, you can get a frozen moment that represents an event, and it … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Twitter and Facebook Status

In short, this is what I have determined the difference between Twitter and Facebook Status Feed is: Facebook Status Feed: “Kylee Wall said blah blah blah.” Twitter: “Blah blah blah said Kylee Wall.” Facebook is directly linked to your full … Continue reading

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Transmedia Gaming Experiences

I am a huge fan of transmedia and alternate reality gaming. The interactivity of watching something on TV, doing something on your computer, going somewhere and having a shared experience, or physically creating something and having it all fit together … Continue reading

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Filled with Glee

Oh, how I adore Glee. It airs Wednesday nights on FOX, in case you’ve been living under a rock. It’s centered around a Glee Club at an Ohio high school, and all the dramas that come along with it. And … Continue reading

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Pro Camera =/ Pro Photographer

Recently, I’ve noticed a few people on my Facebook friends list who have taken up photography as a hobby after having purchased a DSLR. I think this is great and I’m all for experimentation. However, I’m noticing a theme in … Continue reading

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